11 year olds point of view

I’ve been a vegetarian for 2 years but I’m mostly vegan. Even though I’ve been vegetarian for a while, I’ve only been eating vegan foods for around 6 months. There are a few foods I can’t seem to give up like cheese; I’m not really a fan of vegan cheese because it’s not really my taste. My mum got me into vegan chocolate buttons which were delicious so I’m not worried about that. Quite recently, I’ve taken notice that eating vegan and vegetarian foods has truly helped with my fitness; I do gymnastics and that’s what made me realise that it can help if you really want it. People (such as my friends) have asked what alternatives I’ve found for things like meat and protein. I have always told them that as a family we found that beans, lentils, chickpeas and quinoa and more are all possibilities. Different shops we go to have started vegan ranges or free from ranges which can really help. Multiple amounts of people have told me that you can’t find an alternative for everything but a little research can make a difference. A couple of weeks ago, we bought this food called jackfruit alongside barbecue sauce and we mixed them together. The conclusion was that we had a very tasty snack. A regular quote I’d say- especially to people I know- is you don’t know what you like and dislike until you actually try it. That’s how I know which foods I like. A different lifestyle can make a large difference. Just because of your age doesn’t mean you can’t have the slightest change.♥️?

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