Opening up to the world

Whatever happened to me during past two years regarding my diet is something I wasn’t able to control and I definitely didn’t understand at the beginning. Now I’m more aware of what was going on and feeling blessed it did when I look at my family now.
Two years ago my body decided that I’m not gonna eat meat any longer, for my whole life I’ve never been a big fan of meat, even during my teenage life I was vegetarian for some time, maybe not long but you can see that it was in my mind for some time. Let’s get back to present time. I wasn’t really worried about not being able to eat meat, but as a person who likes to know what’s going on I did some blood tests and it showed that I have underactive thyroid and what was coming with it, I was deficient on vitamin b12, and a side effect is that your body doesn’t want meat. It took some time before everything went back to normal, but since then I felt so good and strong that I didn’t really want to go back to eating meat.
My family was still eating meat, but were curious about food that I was eating. They did try things now and then. Asking for more. My children wanted to get involved in cooking and preparing plant based meals, and at this point the idea of making a food blog came up. Here we are, continuing our journey, but this time sharing it with the world. Hope you will like it.

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